Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yeh Hai Mumbai (Indiya) Meri Jaan.
But.......What about the left outs?
Those who have no hope and exist amid of a crowd of gifted ones in India?
Unequal growth patterns within the society : A fast growing babu bashing aspirational upper middle class – a breed of tech savvy Masters of Business Acumen MBAs ---The money minting human machines; Snail pace generation of sarkari karmchais and babus of lower middle class and a sea of unnoticed Proletariate who have a perhaps meagre hope left to move up in the ladder . Yet all are interLINKED ----------- one way or the other.
Who will fine tune these (im) balances—State or Trade or Both? And where these imbalances will lead to; Terrorism, Naxilism or.....................God Knows?
Access to means to meet at least physical comforts in life if not development (which itself is a debatable ) seem to be elusive for a particular group of population in the country as suggest by Mr Justice Sacchar in his report. The consequence?
Groping of the new breed into despair and they see no incentive being part of THE SYSTEM and the booming capitalistic mode of development; The G-R-O-W-T-H.
What interest does the left out have if telcom majors launch One India Plan for its customers? Or TATAs pulls out of Singur, Nano is not sold at Rs 100,000? , Mr.Mittal takes over another iron ore mine or Ranbaxy sells out its shareholdings to Japanese Pharma major or ................
India wins one gold and two bronze medals in Olympics? The “economic growth” or cheap Drugs or getting nuclear power for India is just NOT ENOUGH BUT the point here is to be reckoned is the issue of Inequality (which is again debatable) but what is important ---- the policies that promote hopeful Inequality; Inequality may be considered good if it leads to hope but the same is dynamite RDX if it kills hope. Whether the lowest rung left outs will opt for Kashmir style Gun Culture or follow a path of development will depend upon the quality of Policy makers and nature of Public Policies and not merely on Mall manic, tech savvy money minting MBAs or Sarkari babus who have little incentive but to maximise their rational self interest..
Access to inclusive and economically equitable patterns of growth, may be by the way of access to potable water, quality education or healthcare of really poor. Incentivising socially excluded and economically left outs is perhaps the Real Growth. If business and trade is ladder to growth then it cannot go with a selected privilege few. It has to be expansive and out of box.
Perspective towards the Bottom of Pyramid(BoP) has to be changed, BoP not solely as a lucrative, scalable market which the marketing guru C.K Prahlad propounds, but BoP needs to be made a partner in trade and access thru trade be the mantra for hopeful inequalities.
Modern cinema like recent one “Mumbai MERI Jaan” has raised some banal questions which are commendable but what is certainly not appreciable is attitude and mindset of most of the weekender money minters for whom the cinema is merely a good piece of work and a paisa vasool time pass.

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